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"To enable clients to find the strength and dignity to create autonomy in their lives. To help them understand and then leave behind outdated beliefs and repeating patterns which hinder them so that they are able to live a healthier life in the here and now"


Who is May Senior-Johnson?


MSc in Transactional Analysis Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst
Certified Transactional Analyst 
UKCP Registered
Member of United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysts

(see their website for code of ethics)
Member of IPD


I am in private practice as a psychotherapist/counsellor. Transactional Analysis is my main method of working with clients although I have now incorporated other methods into my work. I offer individual, group or couple counselling and I see people weekly or fortnightly. I work from a dedicated practice which is private and is not part of my home.   I work with a variety of issues ranging from Anxiety, Loss, Bereavement, Relationship issues and general life difficulties.  I also offer short term work for more specific goals and aims. 

"TA is a theory of personality and systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change. (ITAA)" 

I studied for 2 years in Manchester and then joined an MSc programme at a training organisation in Nottingham.  In addition to my clinical work I work with organisations on various projects.  I am also a primary tutor at a local psychotherapy institute where I teach advanced Transactional Analysis. 

I also offer official Transactional Analysis training (TA101) and run these courses frequently throughout the year. See available workshop page for details.   These courses are officially recognised by the UKATA and to engage in any advanced Transactional Anaslysis training candidates must have a 101 certification. 


Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) is available to individuals who have received training and supervision and passed written and oral examinations. They are then certified by the Board of Certification as competent to practice transactional analysis in their field of specialization.

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