Why therapy and why now?

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You


Some of my clients when they begin therapy are not sure what they want from it although something drives them to contact me. They usually come with an issue which they are struggling to deal with. It could be depression, anxiety, death, divorce, abuse, stress, low self esteem, problems at work or any number of things which normally they would probably be able to resolve themselves. Or sometimes clients don’t have a particular issue that is bothering them but they do feel that something is missing or not quite right in their life but are unable to pinpoint it. Other clients come to therapy because they are required to do so whilst training for a therapy or counselling qualification. Finally clients also come to therapy for their own personal growth or development more like a coaching or mentoring issue rather than a therapeutic one. They have a specific goal that they want support with. This type of work it usually time-bound and goal specific and on the initial assessment those would be setup.

You may be thinking about therapy now because you are upset about issues in your life and are not sure how to resolve them or that you have identified a repeating pattern of behaviour that you know is not helping you but you seem to keep falling into it. If you don’t know what you want I would be happy to explore what you want in a secure and confidential setting and the first half hour would be free.

There is no obligation as you are in charge of what happens in therapy. As a transactional analyst I work contractually which means that I don’t do anything without us both agreeing what is going to happen in advance.

My job is to help you feel at ease and work with the issues that you want to deal with. Most clients find seeking help difficult for various reasons. Some clients have the belief that they should be able to deal with their own issues and should not need to talk to others. 

Take a risk and come and find out about therapy for just half an hour. Your first half hour will be FREE. You will be on your way to making the changes you want to in your life. Telephone: 0161-929-0504 or e-mail me from my contact page.