Two Dried Leaves

What is Transactional Analysis?

“….. is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change” (Stewart & Joines TA Today; 1987)

It is a also a theory of child development and a theory of communication. TA can be used in any field of work where an understanding of relationships, individuals and communication is needed. See History of Eric Berne for the background to the development of TA.

The Philosophy of TA

People are OK
( I accept myself as me and I accept you as you. This is a statement of essence rather than behaviour)

Everyone has the capacity to think
(Therefore it is the responsibility of each of us to decide what he or she wants from life)

People decide their own destiny, and these decisions can be changed

(Parents can exert strong pressure on us to behave in certain ways but we make our own decisions whether to comply with these pressures, to rebel against them or to ignore them)

From these assumptions there follows two basic principles of TA practice: 

Contractual method
(The client and the therapist take joint responsibility for achieving whatever change you want to make)

Open communication
The client has access to full information about what is going on in our work together)