How to book an appointment

When you make an appointment you know that it will be me that you see


Intake appointment

These are usually booked in advance with me and run for an hour. This is used to assess our suitability to work together. If we find we are not suitable I may be able to help you by referring you on or providing you with further information.

Further sessions

During the intake session I will talk with you about what you may want and need from therapy and sometimes this can be quite difficult to work out. It may be necessary to book a few exploration sessions to investigate in more depth what you need.

All therapy sessions usually run for 50 minutes, leaving the conventional ‘five minutes' at the beginning and end of the hour to enable you to arrive and have a drink and then leave with time to check the calendar for your next appointment. During your first 50 minute appointment we will usually identify specific goals and areas of development that you want to achieve during your therapy. The therapy will be directed by you.


All therapy I provide is confidential. There are some situations, however, when I will not guarantee this. If I consider you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else I will break confidentiality. However, this is discussed and agreed between us at intake.


If you need to cancel please give 48 hours notice otherwise you will be charged for the session. Please be aware: if you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment on that day will be cancelled and you will be charged unless you contact me to let me know you will be late. The appointment will still finish at the allocated time.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment by clicking here