Foggy Pier

Poem from a client


First meeting
All is not well
I don’t like being told what
I should tell
Do this
Do that
Feeling like such a Pratt
I will walk out that door and shall not come back

O.K. I’ll give it another try
She can’t be so bad and
If so I’ll cry

Next week arrives and 
I come out in hives
Must be allergic to this person I know
But I really must go

In I walk beginning to talk
Still unsure but wanting to know more
Like is there a cure?

The answer is no,
I must go on so
Stitch this patch together and
Always remember never say never
Things improve and so do I
I’m now starting to wonder 

Could it be? 
She was sent for me
Am I special? 
I’m not sure I see
This couldn’t be me

Feeling quite mad with myself
But also feeling definitely very
It’s not so bad

Looking forward to the following week
When I get my chance again
To call out
And speak.